This is the kind of racist who, in a better world, was never given a voice in a major publication:

Sheehan, 26, says he voted for Obama twice, but as Obama’s presidency progressed, he came to feel like minorities had become emboldened at his expense. He realized, he said, “This actually isn’t in my best interest, and I can do better for myself.” Eventually, Sheehan came to see his whiteness as a source of meaning. “The thing about racial identity and ethnic heritage is that it’s like your shadow,” he said. “It’s going to be with you everywhere you go, but it reminds you that the sun is shining on you. People think the alt-right is just simply about being mean to other people. It’s really not. The alt-right is simply identity politics for white people.”

Sure, be proud of your Irish, German, English, whatever heritage. That’s fine. The second you think that that heritage earns you more rights than someone different is the moment you’ve become a white-supremacist and un-American. I fully reject this bigotry.