Sep 19, 2018 08:47:38 AM

Working on this blog, again. As soon as I get all my old photoblog posts converted to Jekyll files, I’ll move this subdomain to the primary. I’ll archive the old one to a subdomain. I need to update to https. Next up is some kind of redesign.

I’ve been off Twitter for over a month. Mostly. I stopped cold turkey for a few weeks. Then, I decided to check it when there was a big news story I wanted some immediate context for. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve dipped in a little bit here and there. Haven’t posted, retweeted, or hearted anything on the platform. Regardless of it being a hard, full stop, I’ve proven to myself I could live without it. It’s a nice to have, not a necessity for me.

And so back to RSS. Back to blogging. Without Twitter for the hot takes, I deeply crave the voices from the various blogs I follow. I wish there more of them.